Published in WNYC News - Costs Soar to Send Students with Disabilities to Private Schools

New York Times Editorial
January 12, 2014

"The treatment of disabled students should be a source of national shame. They represent 12 percent of students in the country, but they make up 25 percent of students receiving multiple out-of-school suspensions and 23 percent of students subjected to a school-related arrest."

George Zelma is a graduate of New York University and received his J.D. from Boston University Law School. He began his career as an Assistant District Attorney. While maintaining his practice in commercial civil litigation, George has focused for the last 15 years on special education law, representing families of children with special needs at impartial hearings, suspension hearings and manifestation reviews. George has participated in seminars designed to train lawyers, parents and professionals involved in special education, and has also helped train and educate psychologists and physicians about their role in IDEA Hearings.

In other areas of law, George's cases have included clients who have suffered cognitive deficits as a result of head trauma, exposure to toxic chemicals, and medical malpractice.

George is a member of the Bar of New York, Arizona, California and Washington, D.C. and a member of the New York City Bar Education Law Association and the Council of Parents Advocates and Attorneys (COPAA).

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